September 30, 2022

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Mexico U23 Versus. France U23 – Match Report – July 22, 2021

Mexico is excited about the win against France because they showed they were in Tokyo 2020 to win the medal by beating a very dangerous opponent 4-1 in the group stage, as their predecessors did in London 2012.

France were only 45 minutes into the title with the title of World Champion as Mexico found no target ahead of Paul Bernardoni, who practically disappeared in the second half with the best version of the Mexican Olympic team.

Mexico has wings, at the feet of Alexis Vega and Diego Linas, light players capable of scoring goals. Sivas’ team unleashed the French team, while Laines pushed his team against the Andre-Pierre Kignok team.

On the other side was Kignok, who showed little ability to intimidate the Liga MX, and was wiped out from the field by Florian d’Ov, the last reinforcement of Riotos del Monterey Eric Aguirre. With two threats controlled by the tricolor, the rest of the work was under attack.

Linus hid the ball without a break, out of control, found a place to send a cross and Alexis Vega scored against the French goalkeeper on his third chance. That goal, 1-0, turned into a tie because Mexico didn’t back down and wanted more.

Lynas’ drops ignited Sebastian Cordova, who scored 2-0. There was concern because George Sanchez had sidelined his side, Caesar Montes had to trigger a penalty, Gignag scored 69 and the French Revolution seemed to have begun.

It was time to move the pieces off the bench, and the reaction came from there, as Uriel Antuna Diego entered the line, and the Sivas player met his partner Alexis Vega.

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Vega escaped in the 80th minute to give Antuna a 3-1 lead. Then France collapsed again, with Eduardo Aguirre coming off the bench, taking the opportunity to score 4-1, playing less than five minutes into the tricolor debut.

The Mexican national team celebrates the first match of Tokyo 2020, host Japan is coming, South Africa is still missing, but Jaime Lozano’s team is excited to fulfill their promise before leaving for Japan: to return to Mexico with an Olympic medal.