September 29, 2022

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Mexico – Tologo reveals why his girlfriend got angry in Guatemala

Mexico City /

Last Wednesday, Alfredo And his girlfriend Shaw, Participated in the game between Mexico Y Guatemala By Date 2 Gold Cup, Not knowing that they will become a very viral phenomenon Social media. In the story of a real soap opera, it was more interesting than the party Mexican team.

Today, Alfredo, already famous for the many memes and statements made about him, ended up kissing why his partner was active in the first half of the meeting and then how his face changed. He was on until your night.

In the interview ESPN, In Mexican Dallas He said his girlfriend was not too happy about the heavy rain, however they attended the ground.

“The electric storm came, we waited in the car for a while and I wanted to get off even though it was a spark. She was a little upset because we got wet, but I like a good fan. Mexico I wanted to be there now. That’s why she looked a little angry, but it passed, especially when she realized we were already there Virus They happened to us on TV all the time. “

Fame will overwhelm them

Alfredo, Which is dedicated Software And this Computing, Have sought them out from all over the world to talk to them, and despite this they find it difficult to cope because they have no job or service to utilize the followers who have come to them. they.

“I do not know what to do with this fame because I have not sold anything or have nothing to offer myself. How can I use this. My friends are telling me to go back. Influencers Or we do something with this, but we don’t know. Maybe we didn’t do anything, and that would be a good story. “

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If that’s not enough,

Christian Martinoli

, Reporter

TV Azteca

He took it to make them even more popular. They sent him a green shirt


Used Wednesday and posts videos and photos of his new ‘friends’.

In addition to all of the above, Instagram profile From Shaw Significantly increased in followers. You already have this note 40 thousand On an account I have not posted anything for 30 weeks.

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