December 10, 2022

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Mexico and its lineup are ready to face France Tokyo 2021

Mexico City /

The Mexican team This is the debut on Thursday morning Tokyo 2020 Olympics Y Jaime Lozano Good on you already Defined his starting team For the party though The question he has is which players he will send to the rostrum, Because you can only have 18 elements for the game against France Four people have to watch the match from a box.

Title box used Jimmy Lozano For introduction Olympic This is defined before the calls and is confirmed as follows.

Guillermo Ochoa Will be the goalkeeper திரி; Security, George Sanchez, Caesar Montes, Johann Vasquez Y Eric Aguirre; In midfield Louis Romo, Carlos Rodriguez Y Sebastian Cordova They will be in front Alexis Vega, Diego Lines Y Henry Martin.

Suspicions of Jaime Lozano

‘S strategist Tri-Olympics Is as Suspects components to be sent to the rostrum Finish it Top list: Sebastian Jurato, Adrian Mora, Fernando Feltron, Though between the last square Canello Angulo, Roberto Alvarado Y Eduardo Aguirre.

Anglo had a good preparation with the Aztec group on tour Spain, Gave him an imbalance in the attack and scored goals, Alvarado Had the title on Before the Olympics And ended the match in a good way Blue Cross, When Aguirre replaces Henry Martin, Although he can play in that position at the center forward Alexis Vega, Hence the skepticism of the strategist.

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