May 23, 2022

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Mexico and Chile star Edson Butch has retired after the attack

Mexico City /

Edson Butch He has decided to hang up his shoes. Chilean footballer, who Image on Liga MX In such clubs Nexa, பச்சுகா Y GuerreroSuddenly announced His retirement from professional football Because Victims of the attack By the fans Iquique game.

The 36-year-old Andean footballer announced the news on his social networks He said his eight-year-old daughter witnessed the attackSo he decided to end his playing career “for mental health”.

“Throughout my career I have never experienced a situation that I enjoy At present, it seems to me that some aspects need to be clarified. Along with my partner we were attacked by a groupWho entered our training ground without any authorization, My 8 year old daughter Gianella saw this.

“The rumors that I was dropped by the recent results are completely false, as well as the slander that the dressing room is broken. For me, it is very unfortunate to end my life this way.But for the mental health of my daughters, who really is Suffer from completely false comments and slanders, I put an end to this“The footballer wrote.

Sports Iquique gives its status

After release Edson Butch On their social websites, Iquique gameIt is currently playing in Primer B (Chile II Division) He presented his position on what happened to the US champion with Chile in 2016At first Andion lamented his withdrawal and later rejected the violence he had experienced.

“Club Deport இs Equique reports its fans, media and public opinion Edson Butch Cortez formally submitted his voluntary resignation Must be part of the professional staff by letter to our company.

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“Regarding the player’s complaint about the invasion of fans, The club rejects all forms of violence and says all the background to what happened has already been gathered.Making them available to Estadio Seguro, “the club said in a statement.