December 10, 2022

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Mexico 1-2 Japan Goals and Summary of Tokyo 2020 | 07/25/2021

6:59 An hour ago


6:54 a.m. an hour ago

It’s over!

Mexico falls to the guest and the qualifier will be played against South Africa

6:52 An hour ago

90 ‘+ 2’

Saving Tony sending a corner kick

6:49 AM2 hours ago

90 ‘

Four minutes of extra time

6:45 AM2 hours ago

84 ‘

GOOL. Roberto Alvarado takes a direct free kick towards the goal and with Dony’s cooperation the distance on the scoreboard is reduced

6:43 AM2 hours ago

83 ‘

Free kick to Mexico where Cordova wastes and sends it out

6:27 AM2 hours ago

67 ‘

Red card for vas deferens for wrong tone

6:26 AM2 hours ago

66 ‘

Double transition to Mexico. Diego Lines and Alexis Vega leave. Enter Uriel Antuna and Roberto Alvarado

6:24 AM2 hours ago

64 ‘

Japan change. Tyson Mida enters and Enzo Soma exits

6:22 AM2 hours ago

62 ‘

Arrival from Mexico. Romo heads but Dony holds the ball

6:16 AM2 hours ago

56 ‘

Carlos Rodriguez leaves and Joaquin Esquiel enters

6:12 AM2 hours ago

52 ‘

Laines sneaks into the Japanese area, but clears the ball in the center attempt and misses the fans.

6:10 AM2 hours ago

50 ‘

Kubo’s shot gets to Ochoa

6:07 AM2 hours ago

47 ‘

Saga and Tanaka are condemned

6:04 AM2 hours ago

45 ‘

The second half begins in Saitama Court

5:48 AM3 hours ago

45 ‘+ 2’

The end of the first half. Japan beat it 2-0

5:44 AM3 hours ago

41 ‘

Mandatory change to Mexico. Eric Aguirre is injured and Vladimir Lorona enters

5:42 AM3 hours ago


Half turn from Cordoba. The Mexican team with the largest presence in crime

5:36 AM3 hours ago


The Mexican team is advancing the lines, but not connecting to the last third of the court

5:30 AM3 hours ago


Yellow card to George Sanchez. Two condemnations to Mexico with a block card for Carlos Rodriguez

5:22 AM3 hours ago

20 ‘

Kubo creates danger again and takes the shot that leaves the post

5:17 AM3 hours ago

16 ‘

Connecting on Henry Martin’s half lap but without much power

5:14 AM3 hours ago

11 ‘

The goal. Ritchie Tone scored second for the Japanese with a penalty

5:12 AM3 hours ago

10 ‘

Caesar Montes imposes a fine

5:08 AM3 hours ago

6 ‘

The goal. Japan tops first in Tagfusa Kubo’s footsteps after falling behind Mexican defense

5:03 AM3 hours ago


Corner kick to Japan

5:03 AM3 hours ago

1 ‘

In the second 19 Alexis Vega creates the first danger and gets a center that no one can finish

5:02 AM3 hours ago

Whistle to open!

The stock begins in the prairie of Japan’s Saitama

4:58 AM3 hours ago

Everything is ready!

We will start the game minute by minute soon

4:57 AM3 hours ago

Songs are sung

4:43 AM4 hours ago

Mexico Opener XI

Guillermo Ochoa, Caesar Montes, Jorge Sanchez, Johan Vasquez, Luis Romo, Eric Aguirre, Sebastian Cordova, Diego Linas, Carlos Roricus, Henry Martin and Alexis Vega

4:38 AM4 hours ago

Japan Open Eleven

Kochi Dani, Hiroki Sakai, Maya Yoshida, Kou Idakura, Utah Nagayama, Ao Tanaka, Vattaru Endo, Ritzu Tan, Takefusa Kupo, Yuki Soma, Duchy Hayashi

4:33 AM4 hours ago


In 2012, the Mexican national team also faced Japan, thus advancing to the final of the tournament. El Tri hangs on to win gold, beating Japan 3-1 in London

4:28 AM4 hours ago

Historical statistics

Teams combine the previous two conflicts, with one win for each side, with each team scoring an equal number of goals on each side: 3.

4:23 AM4 hours ago

Statements by a Mexican strategist

“I am so grateful for this great opportunity to be the captain of this team. You have to go step by step. We have come with the intention of playing in six games. We have played the first game, which fills us with excitement and desire to continue to progress.”

4:18 AM4 hours ago

History of women

4:13 AM4 hours ago


The Rising Sun team also adds a win to the tournament, even if it is not due to such a big score, against Mexico they will come out with a knife between their teeth and aspire to the next round and secure their hometown

4:03 AM4 hours ago

Do not depart from here to follow Mexico Vs Japan Live

3:58 AM4 hours ago

Mexico vs Japan Online Where, How to View and Live

3:53 AM4 hours ago

See Japanese player

3:48 AM5 hours ago

Player to see Mexico

3:43 AM5 hours ago

Saitama Stadium

Saitama Stadium 2002 (Japanese: ட்டா 玉 ス タ ジ ム 2002 Saitama Sutajiyamu Ni-Maru-Maru-Ni) is a football stadium located in Saitama Prefecture, Midori-Quil, Japan. It is also known as Saitama Stadium or simply Saitama. The stadium opened in 2001 and has a audience of 63,700. This is the home of the U1 Red Diamonds Club of the J1 League.

3:38 AM5 hours ago

Japan called

Osako Keizuke, Hiroki Sakai, Utah Nagayama, Kou Itakura, Maya Yoshida, Wattaru Endo, Takfusa Kubo, Koji Miyoshi, Tyson Maida, Ritz Tone, Koru Miduma, Kosi Dony, Ayo Tokyo, Ayo, Hayashi, Koki Machida, Ayumu Seko, Zion Suzuki

3:33 AM5 hours ago

Assembled by Mexico

Louis Malacan, George Sanchez, Caesar Montago, Johan Vasquez, Vladimir Lorona, Carlos Rodriguez, Henry Martin, Diego Lore, Giorgio, Giorgio , Roberto Alvarado, Sebastian Jurato

3:28 PM5 hours ago


Despite the failure of the host in the introduction, the score was very sensible. The Japanese at least beat the African team

3:23 AM5 hours ago

Group A.

Mexico shares Group A with host Japan; France and South Africa

3:18 PM5 hours ago

True to style

3:13 AM5 hours ago

Best tricolor introduction

3:08 AM5 hours ago

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