November 28, 2022

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Mexican journalists analyze Tata Martino and what they expect in their friendship against Honduras: ‘It’s time to rebuild the road’ – Dice

Gerardo Martino has arrived to cheer on the Mexican team for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, with the Argentine strategist already imposing his style on the Aztec team.

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“Tata” made its debut for El Tri in early 2019, soon to beat Jamaica 3-1 to win its first national title by winning the Gold Cup. Before he won the championship with Argentina and Paraguay, he lost in three Copa America finals with these teams.

During his tenure, the Argentine coach led the team to a total of 27 games, where he scored 21 wins, three draws and three defeats. Its efficiency is 81.4%.

Those falls were against Argentina (Mexico 0-4 Argentina | friendly | September 2019), (Wales 1-0 Mexico | friendly | March 2021) and the most painful of all (USA 3-2 Mexico | Nations League final | June 2021).

Tata’s favorite organization in the headlines in Mexico is 4-3-3 ready to get two wide open ends and a center forward from behind and define the opportunities they create.

Gerardo Martino also has his favorite player, which, according to Aztec media reports, is one of the most used in his operation led by Jesse Gallardo, the Monterrey side.

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To go further, we consulted with Mexican journalists. What is the Mexican team playing with “Tata” Martino? In terms of structure and possible alignment, what do you expect against Honduras?

George Laura Parades, Channel 6 Multimedia Sports

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“It’s a team that naturally tries to impose conditions on the position of the ball, which is one of the virtues of this team. They try to start well off the defensive zone. It’s important.” 9 “He knows how to bounce, he doesn’t have that position today, he had it with Raul Jimenez, but His injury prevented him from attending these games. ” Tata “tried to solve it with Henry Martin and Alan Pulito, he even wanted to fix it with” Chuckie “Lozano”, but that was not their normal position. “

“He needs to make a lot of progress ahead, find the attack Raoul used, he’s definitely going to play with his regular 4-3-3 against Honduras. A friendly, but Mexico is not the most important sport but a lot of success in its performance is expected to improve and improve. “

Marcelino Fernandez del Castillo, ESPN

It’s very easy for “Gerardo” Tata “Martino, he has to fix the features that failed in the League of Nations for the Gold Cup, and I especially mention the suspended ball against Honduras, which is a very strong team in the game” will have the opportunity to wind up and rebuild because he has a small error in the Gold Cup Will be. “

“The team going to the Gold Cup and the team going to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics are defined, so these matches are very important to define each team. Therefore, the fight against the Katracha team must be taken seriously and this will allow you to adjust and define both teams for the summer matches.”

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Lindsay Casinelli, Dutton

“I believe it’s a game that, despite the accidents, is important for Mexico to rebuild the path after their appearance against Honduras. In addition, Honduras is motivated by finishing third in the League of Nations. It’s a good fight and with the fans these choices always put all the meat on the grill.”

“The loss to Mexico and” Tata “Martino Honduras in preparation for the Gold Cup will be a severe blow. And Alan Pulito and Henry Martin did not respond. “


“The interest in this type of sport is very strong, it’s an important competition, it’s motivating us to watch these matches in the end.

“The most important thing is the qualifying rounds to go to the World Cup, but you have to have a good balance in the preparation as well. Honduras is regaining its appetite to win and have to show it on the court.”