December 10, 2022

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Mexican-American bodyguard Jonathan Gomez hired by Real Sociedad

Gomez will come to San Sebastian to take part in Real’s alternative team ‘Sans’ under the technical guidance of former footballer Safi Alonso.

Mexican American Defender, Jonathan Gomez, Became the new player of Real Sociedad, after the Spanish team reached an agreement Louisville City FC From USL Championship.

In a press release, The The real community The defender announced that he would join his second team, called the ‘Chance’, where he would be under the command of the Spanish strategy, Xavier Alonso.

Real Sociedad have reached an agreement with Louisville City FC to replace Jonathan Gomez, who plays for the Sans team.

The footballer signed the contract until the end of season 24-25. Gomez, 18, acts on the left back “, Reported the Spanish club.

The full back was previously selected on different calls to the Mexican and American teams because, although he was born in the United States, he has a dual nationality because his mother is Mexican.

Similarly, in that statement it was announced that the Mexican-American player will join his new club in Spain, at the end of the current season’s competition with him. Louisville City FC

Agreement between Louisville City FC And this The real community It was given to the footballer for four years, after he got a contract with the defender until the end of the 2024/2025 season.

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With Louisville City FC this season, Jonathan Gomez has scored a total of eight assists and two goals in 22 games in the USL Championship.

Jonathan Gomez Became the second addition to the second team The real communityAfter the former footballer, Sabi Alonso Slovak hired a footballer Peter Pocorny, Playing as a football player.