July 5, 2022

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Mexican Alejandro Kirk leads Gatchers in voting for MLB All-Star Game

Mexican catcher Alejandro Kirk is surprisingly leading the vote in the American League for 2022 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, and he does so by using more than half a million votes rather than his closest challenge.

A week before the close of voting for the interim game to be played at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on July 19, Kirk wants to become the first Mexican catcher to take part in the MLB All-Star Game.

Kirk, 23, was born in Tijuana, Baja California, and played for the Toronto Blue Jays with a total of 1,057,008 votes, while his closest rival Jose Trevino of the New York Yankees received 387,983 votes.

Venezuela’s Salvador Perez of Kansas City Royals is third with 266,604 votes, Martin Maldonado of Houston Astros is third with 231,005 votes and Christian Vasquez of Boston Red Sox is second with 1959,010 votes.

Of the AL catchers, Kirk received 35% of the vote, and Trevino 13% of the vote, which is the largest presence of any candidate in any position in the All-Star Game – except for the non-voting pitchers.

While it may seem surprising that the Mexican are in the lead, he has his advantage above, as he has a batting average of .307 and Borden leads all catchers at 2.2. In addition, he has 26 runs against six home runs, 22 RBIs and 21 strikeouts.

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In 58 games, he has 55 wins, 30 runs and 10 doubles. With his OBP .397, .464 sluggish percentage and .861 OPS. He has scored only six times in doubles.

In 36 games – 33 starts and 29 of them finished – behind Catcher this season, he has worked 290.2 innings, in which he has made an error of .997 fielding percentage. He has no bass ball, with 14 bases stolen and eight knocked out, his stolen percentage being 36%.

The Blue Jays Pitchers have only six wild pitches when Kirk is in the catcher.