December 10, 2022

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Messi throws himself on the grass behind the PSG ban and stuns newspapers around the world

An extraordinary moment marked the victory Paris Saint-Germain Team level, 2-0, over Manchester City Champions League. In the second half of the game at the Parc des Princes, the English put a free kick at the entrance to the area, and Lionel Messi fell behind the barrier PSG Avoid low shot.

The film quickly traveled around the world and provoked many reactions in the international press, but the main surprise.

The Ole newspaper , The leading Argentine newspaper, described the move He talked about “the incredible” and “Messi’s two geniuses in Paris”.

“Gentleman, Lionel Messi has infinite resources. This Tuesday he broke expectations 2-0 against Manchester City. He did two great things that will be remembered for a variety of reasons. One thing’s completely unthinkable: he’s lying on the ground to help block Cardiola’s free kick. “

In the Spanish press, the move is even more surprising.

The Game World, Catalan newspaper, talked about the film “The PSG even surprised his compatriot. Ander Herrera’s face and Neymar’s gesture look like this. Previously, Messi forced the defenders to take this step to prevent the ball from going under the barrier. On the other side.”

The Game Diary, Even from Catalonia, said the gesture Messi “shows preference for 30 shirts in defensive aspect, after some difficult days due to his complaints and his ankle pain after the transfer”

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For his part, Neymar mocked the situation by posting a photo using his Instagram stories Messi On site and in comedy: “What are you doing there, Lionel?”

Scholars like the former Manchester United defender were equally confused. Rio Ferdinand, Even to criticize “Disrespect” Ferdinand argued with the other team to accept the role of ‘blocking’ such a respected player PSG Should have been a relief Messi His defensive duties and his place on the ground took hold.