December 10, 2022

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Meghan and Harry were criticized for their ‘divo’ approach while staying at a luxury hotel in New York

Megan Y. Harry Have come to the city of New York Should have been part of an important event in favor of the lower will, but before the big event they were allowed to go to different corners of the ‘Big Apple’ Luxury hotel.

Where do Harry and Megan stay in New York?

According to the foreign press, Meghan and Harry stayed at the Carlyle Hotel, which was one of Princess Diana’s favorites, the most famous and luxurious of the place.

Photo: AFP

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have traveled elsewhere before attending the Global Citizen Live event in Central Park this Saturday. New York, For those anticipating their arrival in the city.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The price of this room is about 8 thousand dollars, about 161 thousand Mexican pesos, it is located on the twenty-second floor and they promise that it is one of Diana’s favorites.

Photo: AFP

Because The Dukes of Sussex came to New YorkThe press has read all the movements and actions of the couple, who are said to show a completely different attitude from the one they had when they were part of the royal family.

They have been criticized for their attitude of being a ‘celebrity divas’ who stand alone for their luxurious security equipment like the bodyguards who chase Meghan around the city and the scene they provoke. Because they have given the impression that they are now inaccessible individuals.

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