December 10, 2022

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Mead Lough died at the age of 74

New York. Meat Lough, the plump rock superstar and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” who was loved by millions for his album “Bad Out of Hell” and “Do Out of Three End Bad” for love (but I would not do it). He was 74 years old.

Singer born under the name Marvin Lee Ade passed away Thursday, According to a statement from his family on his official Facebook page.

“Our hearts were broken at the announcement that the incomparable meat loaf had passed away tonight,” the note said. “We know how much this means to many of you. When we mourn the loss of such an inspiring artist and such a beautiful man, we truly appreciate your love and support … from your hearts to your souls ….. never stop. Rocking!”

No cause of death was reported and no details were provided, but Ade He faced many health problems Throughout the years.

“Bad Out of a Hell,” his mega-seller, along with songwriter Jim Steinman and producer Todd Randgren, was released in 1977 and was a success. One of the most recognized rock singers. The fans fell in love Powerful voice of this translator with long hair and weighing over 110 kg (250 lbs), And the humorous and unloving titles of his songs: “You took the words out of my mouth”, “Not two-thirds bad” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, a motion warning about reaching the end. .

He has been living with Deborah Gillespie, his wife and his daughters Pearl and Amanda Ade since 2007.