November 28, 2022

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Max Verstappen presents the Honda NSX car to Secco Perez

Mexico City /

Secco Perez and Max Verstappen They created a Big doubles Within it The first season together In Formula 1, in The Dutch driver was crowned champion, With One of the Mexican architects Said the winner.

Red Bull did a dynamic Both of these They exchanged Comedy and Gifts; then what Max jokingly gave a jug Made of plastic, and pointed out that “that way you will not run without water”, Points out To Problems with the check At the United States Grand Prix, he had problems With its hydration system And could not drink water throughout the race. The Mexican responded Lots of tequila fit.

தபாட்டியோ Not left behind and He gave To his colleague Glasses with false nose and spyglass So he did not contact Hamilton’s car, at which time he was fined 50,000 euros.

Verstappen Who was Seco Perez was surprised, To him a Honda NSX, Although it was not in the presentation I expected It’s a toy version; Max thanked him for all the support he provided throughout the season.

Too, Received the Formula 1 Champion Prize By Mexican father, Antonio Pierz Garibay; About Photo of the three together At the Grand Prix in Mexico.

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