December 7, 2022

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Mauricio DuPont asks for a ‘chance’ on the Honduras national team, Fabian Coyto welcomes him! – Ten

Mauricio DuPont, Making fun of one of today’s most important Honduran athletes on Twitter and asking for a “chance” to join the Honduras national team while playing football on a rainy day in Washington D.C., where he meets his team.

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Due to bad weather in the US capital, the baseball player will not be able to play his game at MLF this Thursday. A football ball and the Giants ’official account echoed on Twitter.

“As the saying goes: bad weather, good face,” but this bad weather was delicious in football, “the team wrote.

Using the Giants’ release, Mauricio Dupan quoted the tweet and sent a humorous question to the Honduran Football Association, “Fenabooth, is there a chance?”.

Edwin Panegas, head of the newspaper in Atlanta, who saw the question of the Champetrono baseball player, showed the release to the Uruguayan DD, who responded with a resolute smile.

Honduras is preparing for Saturday (5:30 pm) friendly against Mexico Before taking part in the 2021 Gold Cup, for its part, San Francisco will play a double card this Saturday, the first at 12:05 pm and the other at 5:15 pm Honduras time.

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