May 20, 2022

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Matt Ryan: If the Falcons hadn't gone after Deshaun Watson, 'good chance' I'd still be there

Matt Ryan: If the Falcons hadn’t gone after Deshaun Watson, ‘good chance’ I’d still be there

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When the offseason started, it looked like this Matt Ryan He was prepared to stay on the Falcons quarterback for at least 2022 – if not longer.

But then Atlanta chose to continue Deshaun Watson.

This has changed things for Ryan with the organization, as he detailed in the latest episode of Ryan Rossello podcast. And while things looked the same at the end of the regular season, that changed in March. That’s when Ryan, in his words, asked for a chance to consider his options.

“When free agency starts picking and they start looking at what they want to do, I got sucked into the episode they were going to look into Deshaun Watson,” Ryan said. “Then at that point, I said, OK, I understand. But I also need to look at what I need to look at. And if that doesn’t go down, see if it’s still what’s best for me.”

“And as that week went by and I sort of searched, for my part, what might be the best possible place to land, or what would be best for me and my family going forward, and we also did this research, for me, one spot. However, you never know in this The case is whether or not that spot feels the same about you. And to me, fortunately, they did. And they have faith in me and what I can give to this team. And in that sense, I think it worked perfectly on my end. “

Obviously, Watson did not pick the hawks. But Ryan still ended up at Colt. So Rossello asked Ryan if he thought he would still be a hawk if the organization had not aggressively pursued Watson.

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“Didn’t any of this fall out? Probably a chance — a very good chance,” Ryan said. “But she did, you know? So when that happens, when situations change and circumstances change… You know, I’ve always been thinking, like everyone, when you get drafted in there, and you play there, that’s where I’m going to do my entire career. For 14 years, every single day I got up was to try and help the Hawks win a championship. The other end has been reciprocated to me. And when that changed, I had to look into it.

“It was definitely a big change for sure. But a good idea. And so, it’s hard to say. But I think honestly, it’s more likely I would have been there if the circumstances were different. But I’m excited about where I’m at.”

Ryan now has a chance to help lead the Colts to the South Asian Football League title in 2022, which will be their first since 2014.