November 28, 2022

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Match Summary LA Galaxy vs Portland Timbers (2-1). Goals

The bad line of is gone Los Angeles Galaxy, That Returned to victory Without doing it after nine games 2-1 All Portland Timbers win, On the night of a large Mexican reserve on the scoreboard: Javier Hernandez scored a goal, And J.Dry them Van Rankin made the penalty To Efron Alvarez at the time of compensation.

The Cicardo has already reached 13 targets with the Galaxy, He had a fight with many options to score, however, he only scored once, and the good thing is that they returned to the win they had not achieved since August.

In court D.Ignition Health sports park There was an Aztec night, Ciccarido, Jonathan dos Santos, Julian Arojo Beginners and Ephrine Alvarez When I move to the Los Angeles page, and Rankin Joscarlos To Portland, to raise the Mexican flag too high.

The Galaxy added four home games without a win, which increased their chances for the playoffs in the embarrassing situation, but they took the air with the penalty they scored in compensation time.

Chicharito had several goals, but Steve Clark saved some and the game started just like that. Arujo touched CH14 In the 7th minute, Tapado shot and dropped the ball behind the visiting goalkeeper.

Portland He responded and at the age of 20 they worked on the topic of stopping Jonathan Pondy Yimmy Sare. Ryan Ravelson tried with a long shot at 22 ‘, Clark appeared again and missed the opportunity with one hand.

Hernandez was the second clear on 34 ‘, releasing the Mexican shot and Larris Mabiala appeared to save the audience. Before the break, Portland scored by Jaroslav Niskota, But I know Canceled Out of place at 45 ‘.

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Already in the second half, Govin Cabral had an LA goal and ended up knocking the ball to the Portland goalkeeper. Before reaching the goal, CH14 He left the ball in the clerk and finished poorly in that area and the 53-year-old from Guadalajara regretted what he had done. Saare hit for the trees At 58 ‘, again They canceled Out of place.

It was Then Cicardo appeared. Victor Vasquez’s center allowed Portland’s back foot to pass the ball and the Guadalajara’s foot seemed to deflect it to save it 1-0.

The Californians were able to increase the advantage with the left foot of Samuel Grantiser, which did not thank the visiting goalkeeper. The trees are built at 72 ‘. Sebastian Blanco sent a balloon ball, Bond measured poorly and reached the goal of the Galaxy for 1-1. Blanco was second at 85 ‘and lifted it and put it on the post.

Al 91 ‘, V.A Rankin made a penalty on Alvarez And it was marked. He took the ball for 92 runs Sasha Klagestan and scored it Give him Victory for the Galaxy At the time of compensation.