December 10, 2022

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Match Summary Chelsea vs Manchester City (0-1). Goals

Mexico City /

The City of Manchester He took light revenge on her Chelsea This Saturday, then They set a minimum (0-1) In the structure of the sixth day of Premier League, With a score of Brazilian Gabriel Jesus.

And that’s it Blues They turned into a stone in the sandals City In the last games, it can only be remembered recently They won the Champions League finalSo, this hit has a sweet taste to him City, Especially when they snatched what they did not lose to rivals.

In addition, success was marked Cardiola Cut a line of two losses in a row against the German strategist Thomas Tuchell, The Catalan seemed to have taken action against DT.

However, thanks to the iron that was behind the fight Chelsea, Gabriel Jesus appeared at the age of 52 Make a separate play and within the opponent’s area Define by a half-twist shot Send the ball to the nest at the bottom of the goal.

This was enough City Take the victory and Is currently located in the second position of the table General Premier League With 13 units Chelsea finished third With the same number of units.

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