May 22, 2022

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Martin Lazarde bids farewell to Chile: 2022 World Cup without reports, deletion, Qatar | National teams

உருகுவேயன் Martin Lazarde At his last press conference as coach of the Chile football team, he said he was not afraid of the “word of failure” and that “every day we see the best coaches being fired for not reaching the goals”.

I am not afraid of the word failure. It is clear that we have not met the goal of qualifying for the World Cup, but we have a certain satisfaction in fulfilling some less relevant objectives.Said the former footballer.

The Chile National Professional Football Association (ANFP) announced on April 1 that it had signed a contract with Lazard not to renew his contract as La Roja president after the 0-2 defeat against Uruguay. “I personally would like to thank Martin. We will never forget that he came to Chile in the midst of an epidemic. Time.

With the removal, references like Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal, Gary Medal and Claudio Bravo will have to face the process of red generation change due to the fall that will start to show. These players, known as the ‘Golden Generation’, led the way in capturing two consecutive editions of Copa America.

“A year ago I said it depends on its Golden Generation to qualify for the national team. Some young players will not play or are not invited, it’s very complicated,” Lazard said.

The Reds finished seventh in the South American qualifying round with 19 points from 18 games with nine defeats, four draws and five wins. “Things around us in these qualifying rounds affected us in some way. They made us play in three foreign games and it will never happen again,” Uruguayan lamented.

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The Chilean sports magazine speculates with the names of at least four candidates after the Uruguayan coach: Real Betis coach, Manuel Bellegrini, the favorite of the majority of fans; Argentina’s Sebastian Beccas and Eduardo Periso or Colo Colo’s Gustavo Quinteros.

“Beyond the variations of work I’m been happy with on the national team here. There are so many people who want to do things, cooperate and work, I think it’s wonderful. I hope there are no internal fights,” Lazard concluded.