May 22, 2022

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Mark Zuckerberg and ABC's George Stephanopoulos Among Russia's Latest Sanctions Targets

Mark Zuckerberg and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Among Russia’s Latest Sanctions Targets

Chief Executive Officer of the Company issued Meta Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and CEO of LinkedIn Ryan Roslanski, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank of America, Brian Moynihan, a list of prominent figures in American business, which imposed sanctions on Thursday, Russia – The last round of escalation eye sanctions eye Imposed in the wake of the invasion in Ukraine.

Included in the list of prominent journalists 29 Americans who are barred from entering Russia On the “basis for an indefinite period.”

ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos and CNN anchor Piana Golodriga are also subject to the ban.

When my parents and I left the Soviet Union as refugees in 1980, we were told that our feet would never touch Soviet territory again. I guess the Kremlin waited over four decades (and an unprovoked war against a former member state) to make him responsible? “Tweeted Golodryga afternoon news.

Also targeted recent Russian sanctions several senior members of the administration, Biden and the US military – including Vice President Kamala Harris, White House chief of staff Ron Klein and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks. Pair Harris, Doug Emhoff, also tabbed with the ban.

ABC anchor, George Stephanopoulos, was one of a handful of American journalists who were sanctioned.
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The Russian Foreign Ministry said that “high-ranking leaders, businessmen, experts and journalists who constitute an anti-Russian agenda, as well as spouses of a number of high-ranking officials” are among those who can no longer enter the country.

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He criticizes the Kremlin in response to the tougher sanctions imposed by the United States and other Western countries. The sanctions targeted prominent Russian banks and companies as well as prominent billionaires and family members of people close to Vladimir. Putin – including his daughters.

Russia denied access On platforms owned company Meta Facebook and Instagram, claiming that the activity is guilty of “extreme” services. LinkedIn has been banned in Russia since 2016.

Chief Executive Officer of LinkedIn Ryan Roslansky
President has to punish the CEO of LinkedIn, Ryan Roslanski. The ban on the professional networking site in Russia for several years.
Photos Bloomberg via Getty
Vice President Kamala Harris
It also added Vice President Kamala Harris to the latest sanctions list.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Executives from Twitter – another social media platform banned in Russia – have been removed from the list. YouTube executives also survived despite the Google-owned platform’s clashes with Russian authorities.

Russia announced similar sanctions against 61 Canadians – including several journalists.

The Kremlin has tried to limit the flow of information since it launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Several news organizations, including ABC and CNN, restricted their operations in Russia in March after The Kremlin has issued a new law Allow authorities to fine or imprison journalists they consider to have reported “false” news about the Russian military or government.