Marianas Trench Make Good In Hometown


Marianas TrenchMarianas Trench
Pacific National Exhibition
Vancouver, BC
August 28, 2010

By Stephen Phippen

On Aug 28th, I shot a small group of guys at the PNE with my camera. You may know them as Marianas Trench. They may be a friend, or a former high school classmate. They took up the honour of playing in front of friends and family and about I would say to about 5000 to 6000 fans…..most likely more. However the rest of Canada refers to them as award winners and nominees. Yes we do too, but they are Hometown boys, and they won some Juno’s folks, unless you are under a rock and never listen or watch TV then you would have heard them. I am 40 and slightly out of their demographic and even I knew some of their songs, that being said……as I was there holding my camera in hand between the crowd and the stage I was surprised to see, and more surprised to hear how loud these fans are. I have seen many a show, few outside, and this outside live event was top notch. The crowd started to gather about an hour before the show.

Once the band ran on stage the voices went off the chart…..the majority of the crowd were 9 to 15 yr old girls….from what I could see that is. I did see some parents in the crowd, but for the most part the crowd was made up of excited uberfans of Marianas Trench. The crowd KNEW each song. Seeing Josh Ramsay hanging from the scaffolding of the lighting rig would give most management teams fits, for him it got the crowd going louder and louder….singing into a full chorus with "All to Myself" This band KNOWS how to work the crowd unknown if the same reaction is elicited back east, but in Vancouver….we support our own.

As the sun set what we would see in the 80’s and 90’s was lighters in the air, we now see a sea of cell phone lights waving, quite impressive for a band not that far out of high school. Josh got a good laugh out of crowd, myself included, with his guitar tech, who is also a friend, and had him do a Keibler elf bit….quite accurate. The sound was impressive for an outside concert, band sounded solid and in harmony. The crowd could almost drown them out if they wanted with their singing. I was impressed with seeing a live keyboard on stage and in use, for all intense purposes, this band is using all of their talent and if they keep this up they are going to start to make other bands look bad. All told they played from 7 – 930pm, 15 songs, 1 encore, and led a crowd of tweens into a generation of becoming concert addicts. All in all a job well done!!

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