November 30, 2022

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Marco Fabian asks Sivas a chance: I come with a lot of desire

Options Marco Fabian To return Activity on Liga MX They provide guidance to ensure that your experience is a guarantee of performance in court Shivas from Guadalajara, Apparently he does not have it in view, which would be a good reinforcement because the attacker is free and can negotiate with any team.

+ Shivas Stove football heading to the 2022 Glasura of the MX League

Mexican footballer Juarez has been at FC for a while and stayed for six months Without playing, so Fabian considers himself mature enough Returns to the fields and hopes that an opportunity will be fulfilled, since he was the owner of his letter and without interest in receiving stratified salary, Immediately enter the orbit of a sacred herd There are financial problems in adding new faces to its employees.

Fabian He was at Fox Sports, where he talked about his future, saying he was less interested in money at this point in his life because he only had the option of going back to court. To show that he is still in good condition Thereby contributing his qualities to the team that gives him the opportunity. It should be remembered that Mexico had already sought a reconciliation with Guadalajara a few months before the World Cup., But at the time the leadership felt it was not a player they needed.

“Absolutely (I will sacrifice money). That’s where the desire for me to go back to football comes from. I am engaged in negotiation. The commitment that I want to play again is all about that. (Being a free player) is a privilege I have never had in my career. H.Alas today I am completely free They don’t even have to pay a penny for me, and today’s salary level is not my priority. The money I set aside ”.

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“If I retire or I continue in football, I think (well) M will be thereBow for a while. I come with the desire to eat the field and return. What lies ahead. Today I am close, I am in talks, I hope you can see Enjoy Marco Fabian again What I like most is playing football. In these six months I have been missing from the networks, I think about a lot of things because I haven’t stopped playing since I was introduced Any time, but everything happens for a reason, I’m here today “, fThat part of what he explained Marco Fabian de la Mora.