November 28, 2022

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Marchesín is almost out of Porto and USA hand cooperacha fans

Mexico City /

Augustine Marchesin will return to the United States… we mention American continent, Where an opportunity came from for the former Eagles goalkeeper, who lost all the prominence he once enjoyed. Porto, Well coach, Sergio Conceio would have already said he could leave Because he loves Diego Costa under the poles.

Argentina Chain Information TyC game Claims to be the archer of that nation Very close to signing in Flamenco, The most popular club in Brazil, is already in talks to reach one Economic agreement with MarchWho contracted with the Dragons until 2023.

Goalkeeper of America From January 2017 to mid-2019, he received the Liga MX title and the Copa MX. Sold to Marchesin Porto for 7 million euros, Step Relocation, The same site that currently has a value of 6 million.

American fans are listening to Marquez

News on social websites Marches can sign with Flamenco Made a noise among the American fans as they told the goalkeeper to return to the club “Jubilee” Guillermo Ochoa, Who recently fell out of favor with a section of the Azulgrama pro for his mistakes.

“We will create Wakida and it will return to the United States.”Some comments, such as “We’m waiting for you at home” and “He will return to the team he should never leave”, ask the Eagle team to consider Argentina’s arrival.

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