November 28, 2022

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Manor Fikiurova is out of the Gold Cup for a broken finger; Honduras replaced him – ten

The plague of wounds and diseases continues to claim the victims Honduras national team, Now misfortune has fallen to the defender Manor Figueroa Who is out of the game against Qatar On a stretcher and straight to the hospital.

Fikiurova suffered a fracture in the first toe of his right foot, and immediately, the footballer felt pain and told the medical team to replace it.

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The Captain of Honduras In the second half he did not go to the bank because he would be taken to a medical center where they would do x-rays to confirm the fracture, although the doctors, who were already with the previous opinion, advanced that it was a fracture.

In fact, the footballer could not walk outside Albert Ellis, You will be fitted with a static boot, and you will need to use crutches.

Honduras will cause change against Cancn

Once you get the medical opinion, the Federation of Honduras Documents for accreditation to transfer players to the next match in the quarterfinals may be sent to the Concacaf Medical Committee.

If you decide to transfer it to a player in the same back row position, Fabian Coyote He has Alans Vargas and Ketzel Montez on his starting list as options. Final comment until Friday.

Manor joins in accidents Albert Ellis, Michael Cyrinos Y Always Alvarado As injured footballers before and after this Gold Cup. Edwin Solani and Muma Fernandez Are infected with the corona virus.

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