November 28, 2022

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Maluma shows his girlfriend a Christmas present

Beautiful last night Singer Maluma shows off his wonderful Christmas gift, loves himself more than ever and enjoys these dates with someone very special to him.

There is no doubt in these parties Christmas, Surprises are in a corner.

Maluma’s case is the same, he did not hesitate to share his arrival with his millions of fans. The love of his life.

The famous Recotton player shared the emotional moment through his official Instagram account.

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With the photo of them appearing in front of her luxurious Christmas tree surrounded by various gifts, Maluma did not hesitate to grab his girlfriend by the waist and give her a wonderful kiss, which was recorded on a beautiful postcard.

The explanation was as follows: “Thank you, Santa”, the ‘Hawaiian’ translator was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of his girlfriend, Susanna Gomez.

In addition, in some of his stories, Colombian shared some details about his sophisticated and elegant Christmas dinner, which included a variety of sweets, fruits and fancy Christmas decorations.

Finally, in his last stories, the singer wished his millions of fans, fans, friends and family a happy holiday.

Merry Christmas, we wish you good health and a wonderful time with you, ”he shared.

This photo has been shared for over 20 hours and so far he has over 2 million likes and endless comments from his followers congratulating him.

On the other hand, little or nothing is known until now about the new relationship of Colombian singer Maluma.

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However, she had already had a face for several months and in fact, she decided to unleash this thing herself, which is why she posted a series of pictures through her social channels.

The truth is, he has nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend Natalia Barulich because he is undoubtedly a completely different, radical change, but much more in his style.

It should be noted that Susanna is far removed from the profile of a famous girlfriend, because she is an architect and has not dedicated herself to any artistic profession, no doubt the Colombian singer should have wanted to take it to the next level. This way you feel better in your relationship.