December 1, 2022

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Madamoros. “The slain Ariel Trevico confirmed the identity of” El Digre, “says Governor Tamulipas.

Tamulipas.— Governor தமுலிபாஸ், Francisco Javier Garcia Cabosa de Waca, Confirmed by his social media accounts, killed the subject on Friday night Shooting Recorded in Madamoros Ariel Trevico Pena, “El Tigre”.

“Government தமுலிபாஸ் He will use all the resources at his disposal and will not give up any effort in the fight against criminal groups. There will be no peace against the perpetrators, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

“El Tigre” is highly regarded as a reward from the list of the Attorney General’s Office (FGJT) and the government’s defense and prosperity campaign. தமுலிபாஸ் And seven U.S. federal agencies.

Who is the “tiger”?

Ariel Trevico Pena, “El Tigre”, was arrested on September 4, 2009 along with his operators. Conflict with the militaryBut he was released.

“Tiger” He served as the leader of the hawk Gulf Cartel In Madamoros.

A civil lawsuit was filed in February this year alleging that Ariel Trevico Pena’s address was unknown, according to Judge Ana Veronica Reyes Thias, who is affiliated with the Thirteenth Judicial District. தமுலிபாஸ், By a Government because there was a dispute over the custody of a minor.

When he was arrested 10 years ago, he was with his aides: Carlos Gerardo Rubio Ramores or Carlos Gerardo Rubio Ramos; Eric Torres Iberra or Eric Torres Iberra or Eric Torres Iberra, and Humberto Arvalo Covarpias.

The head of the plaza was sent to the maximum security prison, the Federal Center for Community Reading in the state of Mexico Almoloya, Aldiplano.

Since July 6, 2018, he has been registered with the state government’s Attorney General’s Office தமுலிபாஸ் But he returned to the streets to continue with him Gulf Cartel.

In 2009, those who confronted the army to retrieve “El DeGrey” even fired anti-tank rocket launchers against soldiers who thwarted the attack and defended the culprit.

Twelve years after those clashes, the king found himself again with the army, but this time he was killed.

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