September 25, 2022

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Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Calleja, the former son-in-law of Raúl Castro and the “military czar” of the Cuban economy, has died.

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image source, Granma

Luis Alberto Lopez Calleja, one of Cuba’s most powerful players and Raul Castro’s former son-in-law, died Friday in Havana of cardiorespiratory arrest, the government said in an official statement.

According to a brief statement published in the state newspaper Granma, the powerful leader Revolutionary Armed Forces Business Administration Committee The military unit (keisa) that controls everything on the island from hotels to currency exchange died “in the early hours” of this July 1st.

López-Calleja, 62, held the rank of division general and was regarded by Cubans as the “military czar” of the economy and the man with “secret control” over the island’s finances.

He is married to Deborah Castro, daughter of former President Raúl Castro, and despite their divorce, he continues to be the former president’s right-hand man and is seen by the opposition as an arm of the Castro family in the current government.