December 10, 2022

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Luis Advancula suffered a crushing defeat against Boca Juniors. Atletico Tucuman in Argentina’s professional league | Video | NCZD | Game-total

Luis Advancula’s week was not very good and he had to stay away from the training sessions of the Boca Juniors team. However, the full-back was doing his best on his own, and this Saturday, to everyone’s surprise, he made his debut as a starter against Atletico Dukuman. He does a good job in the game, but he gets a strong breach.

The move came 20 minutes after Atletico Dukuman’s counter-attack from the center of the pitch. Finally getting the ball with an advantage and not ignoring Ramiro Carrera’s mark as he prepared to face the area, ‘Bolt’ retreated with speed through his right zone.

However, Louis Advancula made an interesting sweep to block, but got a blow in the face, it seemed deliberate. When the attacker missed the chance to enter the ‘Xeneize’ area with danger, he retreated from the heel of his right foot and hit the side. It did not take long for the claims to appear, but the arbitrator did not advise.

Boca Juniors Vs. Preview of. Athlete Tukuman

Sebastian Pataclia predicts variations on the eleventh, which he will present against the ‘Dean’. The Boca team has been coming off a goalless draw against defense and justice since last Tuesday, and due to the sheer wear, betting on the DT cycle.

One of the innovations in the ‘Xeneises’ group focuses on the presence of Edwin Cardona. After the Colombian team entered the list and played its last game against the Argentinos juniors from the start, the chances of going from the start were high.

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Another surprise was the presence of Louis Advancula. Peruvian will end his isolation period this Friday and travel to Tucson on a private plane to join his starting team early Saturday morning.