May 18, 2022

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Ludvica Baleda poses in a bikini with her natural figure from the beach: “I hesitated to upload these photos”

Ludwig plate She wants to show off her natural figure, that is, without filters that can completely change the real look of people, and through a series of erotic photos she makes it clear that she maintains a perfect figure that she does not need at 43 years old. The help of technology.

The Polish actress, who currently lives in Mexico, posted a couple of photos through her official Instagram account, which rarely, Showed off a great body in a little black bikini, But he used the opportunity to send a strong message to those who abuse filters in social media posts.

“Good morning. I have to admit it I was reluctant to upload these photos. I do not want to retrieve them, we are not accustomed, Or at least I, he wrote in his message that the bodies should be seen without being repaired.

Of course for her beauty and the traces that the years have left for her, the TV star said she is proud to be thankful for a healthy life.

That’s how my body is, yes I take care of myself, yes I eat well There are still traces of all the pastas and pizzas I ate during my vacation There are also traces of my pregnancy, exercise and the care I give“, He explained.

The release, which ended with his fans’ call to live “without so many filters”, caused a stir because in a few hours he was able to accumulate about 200 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

In addition to other celebrities such as Veronica del Castillo, Ana Cerdilla, Erica de la Rosa and Flavio Medina, his sister Dominica plate This weekend she made sure she didn’t need any filters as she looks gorgeous.

Come on, you’re beautiful, you do not need a half read or filterDominica was sentenced in the comments section.

And in another video Ludvica showed off her new hair tone in which she said goodbye to her characteristic blonde hair.All this while walking on the beach, in which she again showed off her legs and natural beauty because she allowed her beautiful face to be admired without a drop of makeup.

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