December 7, 2022

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Lopez Obrador calls the OAS a “system without anyone’s flaws” to replace it

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador began proposing a new geopolitical order for the American continent for the first time in three years. The Mexican president this Saturday called for the transformation of the Organization of American States (OAS) into a new body that would unite Latin America and the Caribbean and resolve conflicts between them. “The plan is more or less to create something similar to the EU, but to integrate it with our history, our reality and our identities. Being a mediator in request and acceptance should not be ruled out, ”he said in an extraordinary speech.

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The only recollection surrounding the Bolivarian leader is the Mexican president ‘s excuse to issue a strong statement on US dominance and intervention in Latin American countries over the past 200 years. In addition, his speech took place in celebration of the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean Community (CELAC) and in the presence of 25 ministers from across the region in Mexico City. Mexico’s intention points to the relocation of the OAS, led by Washington-based and Uruguayan diplomat Luis Almacro, for regional commitment to resolving conflicts between Latin American countries.

The text is far removed from the rage of Lopez Obrador as president – which will escalate his attacks on his opponents and his work at lesser work – and instead, the president opened the attention to the international scene and used it as a Latin American co-ordinator to present a clear and clear plan. Coordinating Latin American countries through diplomatic missions is a task already undertaken by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva from Brazil, but they are dilute efforts due to ideological differences between the leaders of the participating countries.

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Lopez Obrador’s call is seen as pieces in geopolitical chess from left-wing governments in Latin America and opposition to the OAS and the right, the truth is that the CELAC was able to bring all the countries in the region without the United States – even if they were ideologically at odds with each other. OAS is something that is no longer achievable. “We will say goodbye to dumping, interference, sanctions, exemptions and sieges. Mexican.

By reviewing history, Lopez Obrador has now brought to the fore the role of the United States in the region. From the nineteenth century the founding fathers of the United States focused on the South and encouraged the rejection of European intervention in the United States, and later recalled Mexicans maintaining a hegemonic foreign policy throughout the continent. President Lopez Obrador, who fills many of his actions with symbols, overthrew former Chilean President Salvador Allende’s daughter-in-law writer Isabel Allende in 1973 with US support. The history of American independence has served Lopez O’Brien to propose a new direction for the geopolitical dynamics of the continent. “It is time for a new coexistence between all the nations of the United States, because the model imposed two centuries ago is exhausted, it has no future, no way out, it will no longer benefit anyone,” he noted.

Although his speech appears to be an insult to the United States, the president has chosen to recognize the current economic dominance of power in the region and how fundamental Mexico’s trade relationship with that country is. “Our intimacy motivates us to seek agreements. Kicking Samson with us is a grave mistake, but at the same time there are powerful reasons to assert our sovereignty, with arguments, without slopes, that we are a defender, not a colony or the back of its yard,” he said. Lopez Obrador warned that China has a fit in the world economic scene that could change the position of the United States.

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The Mexican’s words also brought to the fore the fact that Cuba was facing an economic siege by Washington. Lopez Obrador has been defending the Cuban regime in recent weeks against protests over food shortages in several island cities. “We may or may not agree with the Cuban Revolution and its government, but 62 years of non-submission is an achievement. I believe the Cuban people deserve to be given dignity for their struggle to defend their sovereignty,” the president added. The latest example of Mexican support for Cuba was the shipment of two ships with food and medical supplies to the island this Sunday.

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