November 28, 2022

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Live: With Vinicius’ double, Real Madrid beat Shakhtar; Rodrigo Fourth – Ten

82 ‘ Madrid have a quiet end to the game, with an uninjured Shakhtar, whose hands have already been lowered.

77 & # 39; Three changes in Madrid: Cruz, Modric and Rodrigo leave and Wolverte, Camavinga and Asencio leave

74 “

73 ‘ With this comfortable victory, Real Madrid have reached six points in their group.

68 ‘ When Mendy came out and gave him a good game when he came back, Marcelo stepped inside.

Real Madrid 64 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, exaggerated Team Shaktar insults, Rodrygo fourth Vinicius and his teammate did well defined with a gun to assist behind. 0-4.

60 ‘ Shakhtar is proud not to give up despite the attack.

56 & # 39; Real Madrid, again faced Vinicius’ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL bike and put cricket 0-3. The Brazilian offers an amazing show.

Real Madrid’s 50 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO, Pan Filter Benzema, the biggest game between Motric and Vinicius defining the ball bite. 0-2.

46 ‘ Double change in Shakhtar: Teto and Solomon leave and Marlos and Marcos Antonio enter.

Let’s go from Ukraine with the second half!

45 & # 39; First half results

40 ‘ Troopin’s thing is elegant: he takes a powerful shot from Benzema, and we continue 0-1 brilliantly.

37 & # 39; Real Madrid GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, self-inflicted (38 ‘) by Sergei Kryvtsov. The captain sent the ball into his own goal in an attempt to prevent Karim Benzema from getting it. Ancelotti has already taken the lead. Shakhtar 0-1 Real Madrid.

35 ‘ Every appearance of Solomon raises doubts about the back of Madrid.

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30 ‘ They were checked out of the area again! Cruz took a shot with his left foot this time and the goalkeeper was rejected by his fists.

27 ‘ Rodrigo’s good pipeline could not continue after that because the help at Shakhtar worked well.

22; Madrid saved! Mendy saved the white team, and the Frenchman picked up a ball that was to be completed by a Shakhtar striker.

17 ‘ Casemiro entered the area and took a shot and his shot was deflected in Shakhtar’s defense.

14 ‘ Real Madrid kept trying with a shot from outside the area, the last shot was made by Vinicius and went over Ukrainian law.

10 ‘ Very dangerous Real Madrid, but for now the goalkeeper is a figure.

6 ‘ Troop again! Now Vinicius takes a shot and hides the goalkeeper, he smells it Real Madrid’s first.

4 ‘ TRUBIN! The goalkeeper takes a good hand to cover a shot from Cruz, who checks out Real Madrid from that area.

3 ‘ Well Benzema! He takes a shot from outside that area and his shot goes wide.

1 ‘ In the embarrassing first minute for Real Madrid, Shakhtar came out to handle the ball.

Start the party! Real Madrid are already playing against Shakhtar in Ukraine.

Confirmed arrangements:

Shakhtar: Trobin; Dodo, Marlon, Grivsov, Ismail; Megan, Fernando; Dette, Alan Patrick, Solomon; y Pedrinho.

Real Madrid: Cordois, Lucas Vasquez, Milito, Alaba, Mendi, Casemiro, Cruz, Motric, Rodrigo, Vinicius and Benzema.