September 25, 2022

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Live: Chivas Vs. Nexaxa

MX League

The Flock and the Rays face off in a thrilling battle for the 10th of the Liga MX Opening Tournament 2022. Flock Passion brings you all the details.

© Jam MediaLive: Chivas Vs. Nexaxa

Chivas de Guadalajara return to action after a week off, away from home for the fourth time in the campaign. In the relevant competition Liga MX Opening Tournament 2022 comes on 10th of 2022 against Necaxa, Atlas 1-1 after another bitter draw. They failed to win for the eighth straight game in the campaign, leaving coach Ricardo Cadena in serious trouble.

El Rebano Sagrado couldn’t get its first win in its fifth home gamel Akron Stadium Against Rozingeros in Clasico Tabatio Last Saturday, they showed a good second half in a match but could not reflect it on the scoreboard and after a week of work, The first group is reportedly already ready to visit Rayos at a complex court in Aguascalientes.

Ricardo Cadena, Chivas’ technical director, continues his absence this season. as Jesus Molina and JJ Macias and Antonio Briceno are hospitalized. Although the good news is that Jesus Angulo and Sergio Flores will be back for the first time this season after missing the entire Apertura. The rest of the template is up to you.

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