September 27, 2022

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Little League batter hit by pitch consoles opponent

Little League batter hugs an injured opponent bowler in an inspirational display of sportsmanship

But Isaiah Jarvis, who initially grabbed his head, quickly recovered. It was fine, the crowd was in Southwest Minor League District Championships in Waco, Texas, applauded him as he stood up and takes first base.

Back on the hill, Kayden Shelton was still shaky. Then something amazing happened: Isaiah got out of the bag, walked up the hill and wrapped his arms around the jug, to let him know that he was fine.

“I wanted to go out there and spread God’s love and make sure he’s okay, make sure he knows I’m okay and I’ll be okay,” Isaiah told CNN Wednesday morning, who appeared on “New Day.” Next to Kayden.

“Hey, you are doing a great job,” Isaiah said in a video that garnered widespread attention as strangers everywhere praised the young man’s display of sportsmanship.

“I felt like he was interested,” Kayden said when asked about Isaiah’s hug. “I also cared about him, and that just showed that baseball is sportsmanship – there’s a lot of sportsmanship in baseball.

“Isaiah has – his heart is different for people,” he added. “He’s just a good kid.”

He said Isaiah has a small bruise, but feels fine otherwise. Players were dumbfounded by the response to the video, trying to wrap their minds around this moment going viral across the internet.

“It’s really crazy,” Isaiah said. “Like, who would have thought, like, that one hug would go crazy, you know? It just proves, do nice things and you’ll get rewarded, I guess.”

Regarding what people should take away from their moments on the hill, Kayden told CNN, “I think the lesson is that you have to care about others. As if they are in a state of falling, you should just care about them, and try to build them up.”

In the end, it was Texas East who won the match, advancing to World Junior League Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, later this month — and Isaiah will be rooting for Team Kayden.

“Yeah, they are the same area we live in, and we were really good friends, we made a difference,” he said. “So we’ll root them all the way down.”

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