December 7, 2022

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List of Colombian candidates summoned, Ruda’s 28 nominees for qualifying Qatar 2022 | Colombia vs Bolivia | Colombia vs Paraguay | Colombia vs Chile | NCZD | DTPN | Parallel Game-Total

Reynolds Ruda Will announce its list, summoned on Tuesday, August 24th. The Choice of Colombia He will face Bolivia and Paraguay as a spectator and he will do it locally against Chile, where the public is ready to return to the stadiums for the national team meeting. You can find out the summary list for this three day date here Qatar Qualification 2022.

Identity: These are the calls of the Chilean team for the three dates of the qualifying matches

This is a list of teams for the Colombian national team qualifiers
This is a list of teams for the Colombian national team qualifiers

Duván Zapata was not a great presenter

The Atlanta striker, who is in Inter Milan’s view to replacing Romelu Lukaku, has been a major victim of Reynolds Ruda’s call-up. A few days ago, Forward was injured by an injury that had put him ahead in the first days of Serie A.

Luis Muriel, who scored a goal in Atlanta’s 1-2 win over Torino in their Serie A debut, will have the best chance, and will come in best qualified for this double date, where Colombia must continue on the path to victory if they want to stay in the qualifying zone.

James Rodriguez has been left out of the Colombian national team

James Rodriguez is not in Copa America 2021 and is not on the last double date of qualifying. The midfielder has no continuation at Everton, he is not even interested in joining the club and his future is completely uncertain.

In the previous match, Reynolds Rude did not dismiss: “All our players are deserving, no problem, I was very clear at the time of qualifying and deciding ahead of the Copa America,” to start the previous DT payout, however, it was out again.

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