November 28, 2022

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Lionel Messi worth more than 40 million with PSG

The Argentine star fell in value in the market, falling to more than $ 40 million

After leaving Barcelona Paris Saint-Germain, Argentina Lionel Messi Within the market its value decreased and it fell more than that $ 40 million.

According to the site Relocation, The South American player was valued at $ 113.22 million, but before the football player’s values ​​were updated, it dropped to 67.94.

Lionel Messi He won the Copa America with the Argentine national team this year, but at club level he left Barcelona after being a member of that team for more than two decades. Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi He did not reach the level of the Barசாa team, and although he stood alone for his performance in League 1 and scored five goals in the same number of games in the Champions League, he was unable to maintain his value.

In the reassessment table Relocation, The performance of the player, along with his age 34 created a price drop for his price in the market.

Within the relationship, there are other key players as well Healthy Mani, The Liverpool element fell from $ 135.87 million to $ 90.58.

Is on the list of elements whose value has decreased Philip Goodinho When valued at 67.94, it was $ 22.64 million. Neymar It is at 101.90 while it was at 144.93.

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