November 28, 2022

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Linares, Spain’s third division, removes Barcelona from the Copa del Rey.


Minute 50: Presently wait for the liner within 40 minutes of the record.

Minute 46: The first changes in Barcelona, ​​Tempelo, f. De Zhang and PQ Enter. Exit Araujo, Riqui Puig and Ilias.

Minute 46: The second half of the 32nd round of the Copa del Rey begins between Linares and Barcelona.

45 + 1 min: At the end of the first half, Linares defeated Barcelona 1-0 in the Copa del Rey.

45 minutes: Jordi Alpha apologizes to Linares for not being able to attach a cross from the right.

Minute 44: Eric Garcia’s long-range shot went very close to the Linares goal.

Minute 42: Ricky Puygal was unable to connect the center properly from the right. He finished with a volley at first, but the ball went over.

Minute 40: Barcelona did not find the goal. He is currently out of the Copa del Rey with this marker.

Minute 33: Jordi Alba’s move to the left and Nico’s final shot blocked by Cooley Defense.

30 minutes: Linares 1-0 Barcelona.

Minute 24: Nico Gonzalez shot from a long distance and the Linares goalkeeper held the ball.

Minute 22: Barcelona seek to react, and Linares defends himself in an orderly manner. 84 per cent are now owned by the group registering the service.

Minute 18: Linares’ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, Hugo Diaz scored 1-0 against Barcelona, ​​giving them a big surprise. Cornicher’s Great Center and attacker finished with a header.

Minute 17: UFFFF … Barcelona missed now, Danny Alves’ move, a filtered pass to Elias and the team threw a right shot past the goal, but went to the side.

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Minute 12: Ricky Puyk and Cornicher error on exit, Linares midfielder, took a very wide right hand.

Minute 8: Barcelona handles the ball at will. The team takes the initiative.

Minute 5: Barcelona’s corner kick is headed in by Aravjo and the ball approaches the goal. UUUUFFF … Cercida crossed the round.

Minute 3: The tremendous environment in Linarozos. Compromise is played in an entire arena.

Minute 1: The match between Barcelona and Linares for the 32nd round of the Copa del Rey begins.

12:27 pm: Both teams go to court. Tony Alves will express his disapproval with Barcelona.

12.00 pm: Xavi Hernandez’s Barcelona will make their debut in the Copa del Rey (Spain) starting in 2022 with a resounding victory in Mallorca for the Spanish league).


Linares: Razak; Perazon, Guerrero, Josma, Barbosa; Sanchitrian, Rodrigo, Melandes, Cornicher; Cobate and Hugo Diaz.

Barcelona: Net; Mingusa, Eric Garcia, Araujo; Danny Alves, Nico, Busquets, Ricky Puyk, Jordi Alba; Elias and Jatkla.

* Welcome to the 32nd round of the Copa del Rey minute by minute of Barcelona’s match against Linares.