July 5, 2022

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Liga MX: The general schedule for Clausura 2022 was the same after Day 6

Anthony Silva Puebla Goalkeeper

Finished Match Day 6 The Closure 2022 On top of that League MXNow yes, all teams play their respective games Scratched From Montreal Returned from his participation The world From ClubsHe finished 5th in the competition.

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There are fewer goals against Puebla, with 5 times cheaper defenses than the United States

What did they pay back for it Regios At the stadium grounds Guahdemok. United States Not given one yet. Heavy blows Sivas. Blue Cross The house demonstrates its offensive power The devil. Cookers And Foxes They do not hurt each other.

Until the 6th day of the general schedule of Clausura 2022

TO Margin No one stopped her! Less than a man, and a sentence against, the Puebla From Largaman Opposed Scratched From MontrealDespite being one of the most expensive teams in Mexican football, they could not beat the Paraguayan goalkeeper. Silva.

The new vice president of the competition. பச்சுகா Entered Aztec GroundAnd won by a huge margin, 1-3 United StatesIt continues in the midst of a crisis of results. Blue Cross His attack pulled from the review and made for 4 TolucaGo up to 3. Tigers Went back St. LouisGo up to 4.

Live Liguilla Zone until Competition Day 6

There is change in this area, but not the tip. Puebla 14 points and remains the undefeated “Super Leader” team that leads the entire team LeagueAnd he’s the one who gets the first ticket LeagueTo save Playoff.

After tying 0-0 goals Jalisco Ground With Cookers, Atlas Leaving the area League Directly, leave that space TigersWho triples for 13 points பச்சுகா And Cross Blue.

Repechage Zone until Day 6 of the competition

Left League Live, Atlas Now in the ‘Commands’ area Playoff In 5th place, they are 1 point away from returning to that privilege zone, and 2 points ahead of their last rival, their closest follower. Cookers From UNAM.

Although beaten Toluca He is in a good place in this zone, exchanging his three wins in a good way in a row, which have now been reduced by arrival. Engine To Namisis Ten.

The lion He returns to this zone with his last-minute victory Sivas. The previous finalists had a tough start and let’s see if that ‘epic’ will get them back on track. Guadalajara Still unable to beat assorted teams League.

Removed from all until the 6th day

Two consecutive wins earned him Macadlon Tolerate a little PlayoffBut after his defeat in the hands GuerreroEven with the lowest goal difference, leave that area again White cocks.

Against failure Puebla Invoice Scratched And this will be one of the most eliminated from all competitions today United StatesWho has not yet won AztecWhen we enter soon Match Day 7.

Scoring table until May 6

He scored in the fight between Tusos And Eagles, Nico Ibanes Guides the goalie alone Roger He left his arrival empty Jalisco. Although for many it is already over, Andre-Pierre Gignok Gets into a fight. Vega And அகுயர் Left blank, they are left with 3 each.

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The new face of Cruz Azul is Carlos Rodriguez, who seems to have not missed Montreux.

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