December 1, 2022

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Liga MX | In the first match, Tigress Santos drew 1-1 with Laguna Game-total

Tigers With a 1-1 draw Santos Laguna This Tuesday, January 12, is the first day of Clausura 2022 MX League At DSM Corona Stadium.

Brian Lozano highlighted the local players in the 50th minute. Felinos equalized 1-1 at the end of the match in the 93rd minute through Carlos Salceto. The next day Tigress gets to Puebla and goes to Santos Toluca.

Goal by Brian Lozano

Brian Lozano’s goal 1-0 against Santos. Tigers (Video: Channel 5 – Television)

Tigers 1-1 Santos

The start of the second championship of the season is marked by corona virus infections. The fight between ‘Laguneros’ and ‘Felinos’ was scheduled to take place last Saturday January 8th, but the confrontation was postponed due to positive lawsuits by Miguel Herrera’s cast.

At what time does Santos Laguna play? Tigress UANL for Glasura 2022 Liga MX?

Mexico – 8:06 p.m.

Peru – 9:06 pm

Colombia – 9:06 pm

Ecuador – 9:06 pm

Venezuela – 10:06 pm

Bolivia – 10:06 pm

Argentina – 11:06 pm

Chile – 11:06 pm

Paraguay – 11:06 pm

Uruguay – 11:06 pm

Brazil – 11:06 pm

Spain – 3:06 am (January 13)

It was then able to retrieve some troops across the north. However, ‘Piojo’ Herrera will miss other key figures such as Nicolas Lopez, Luis Quinones, Javier Aquino, Edgar Tunas and Raymondo Fulgencio.

How to see against Santos Laguna. Tigress UANL for Glasura 2022 Liga MX?

TUDN and TV Azteca These are the signals directed to watch the Liga MX Clausura 2022 match, which joins Carlos Gonzalez in the presence of its best attacking men Florian Tavin and Andre Pierre Gignoc for Tigress.

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“It was tough, we were ready to play on Saturday, and there was a wave of epidemics. It was a tough week, with only 10 or 12 players training from the first team, and today we are working with some players,” DD said of what he experienced.

On his side, the Santos Laguna is the other side of the coin because the team trained by Pedro Gaiksinha did not register problems with COVID-19, however, prior to the first display of Clausura 2022, the system detected 39 cases. 18 clubs.

Prior to the clash, player Matthias Toria commented on what was coming up in the match. “We have started a new cycle, we are playing in a new way and now we are more focused on catching the ball and we are comfortable with the idea of ​​Pedro (Keisinha)’s game,” he said.

Santos Laguna vs. Tigres UANL: Possible alignments

Santos Laguna: Acevedo; Orrantia, Torres, Toria, Campos, Corriaran, Brito, Presiado, Odero, Lozano, Geraldino.

UANL Tigers: குஸ்மான்; Rodriguez, Salceto, Puratta, Angulo, Pizarro, Vicon, Cordova, Tavvin, Gonzalez, Gignok.

Where Santos Laguna Vs. Tigress UANL for Glasura 2022 Liga MX?

According to the criteria

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