July 6, 2022

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Liga MX announces sanctions against Tigress for improper alignment in semifinals against Atlas

During the match against Atlas, Digres had nine players who had not trained in Mexico, which is why the club was allowed.

The Regulatory Authority After the investigation it was reported that it was carried out for possible improper alignment Tigers In view AtlasThe Tigress Club has been recognized with the “defeat of the second leg of the semi-final on May 21, 2022”. Closing competition 2022 Of MX League The club violated rules 48 and 49.7 of the Rules of the Match against Atlas MX LeagueThe result should be 0-2 in favor of Club Atlas. ”

In addition, he was fined TigersEconomic penalties and cats scoring goals are left without effect.

University students were confronted Atlas In the second leg of the tournament semifinals and coach Michael Herrera He made the mistake of putting nine elements on the field that had not been trained in Mexico during the match.

Eight allowed by the rules and they were on the field in that match Nahuel Guzman, Igor Lichnowski, Luis Guinness, Guido Pizarro, Rafael Carioca, Jefferson Sodelto, Carlos Gonzalez, Florian Tavin Y Andre-Pierre Gignok.

In that commitment, that UANL After losing 3-0 to Rojinecros in the first leg, they expected to return to the scoreboard, but in the end they lost 5-4 overall.

At the end of the competition, the technician Michael Herrera He acknowledged that he had made a mistake in keeping the queue, and that it was his responsibility to ensure that what happened at the Universitario Grounds did not go unnoticed.

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Faced with this situation, The MX League Announced that the case would be transferred to trial Regulatory Authority Permission for analysis and for cats was announced on this day.