September 29, 2022

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Liga MX 2021 | The United States defeated Lyon 2-1 on the 10th day of the game overall

United States Defeated 2-1 The lion For the tenth day Liga MX2021. The fight took place at the Azteca Stadium Point Aquino Played as a starter.

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Vector Devilla was responsible for marking the match 1-0 at the minute of the match, and six minutes later, Henry Martin scored 1-1.

Already at the disposal of the match, Federico Vinas scored the match 2-1, with which he gave his team the win.

Confirmed changes:

Minute by minute:

Where America should look. Leon for Liga MX?

TUDN is the signal activated to watch the Liga MX match, which will provide the United States with a special meeting for Point Aquino. The Peruvian national team will face midfielder ‘Fira’, who became the champion of the Aberdeen tournament.

Point Aquino scored again with the United States, this time in victory over Tijuana.
Point Aquino scored again with the United States, this time in victory over Tijuana.

What time is America? Leon for Liga MX?

Mexico – 7:00 pm

Pere – 8:00 p.m.

Colombia – 8:00 pm

Ecuador – 8:00 pm

Bolivia – 9:00 pm

Venezuela – 9:00 pm

Argentina – 10:00 pm

Chile – 10:00 pm

Paraguay – 10:00 pm

Uruguay – 10:00 pm

Brazil – 10:00 pm

Spain – 2:00 am (March 7)

What mobile app is available to follow USA Versus. Leon online?

Today’s game Against America. The lion It can also be found online through various mobile apps, which guarantees you to enjoy live football wherever you are. You can download the app in Argentina , You can follow it in Latin America . Finally, if you are in the United States, you can find it .

Point Aquino’s goal against the United States 1-0. Tijuana. (Source: Fox Sports)

Against America. Leon: Previous

  • Cruz Azul has a great chance to win the top spot in the ‘Á Quilas’ local championship until they face Poomas de la UNAM on Sunday. Santiago Solari’s team is in second place with 19 points, two less than ‘Machine’ (21).
  • The American coach is satisfied with the match between Roger Martinez, Mexican Henry Martin and Uruguayan Sebastian Vinas in the Colombian attack. “All three convince me,” he said.
  • The Blanchirroja player will arrive at a good time after the recent performances with the Asulgrimas shirt. The midfielder has scored two goals in his last two games: away from home Pacquiao and Tijuana.
  • For his part, Leon has been abusive for a moment after winning the Liga MX. In their match the day before, Ignacio Ambris’ team won, but Puebla turned it around in the last 10 minutes.

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