December 1, 2022

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‘Let’s see if the center does not take goals’; David Metrono blasted America

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Leave him alone, he is already dead! The mockery of Boomas fans and the millions of self-proclaimed anti-Americans seem to be not enough of all memes. Even the famous journalist. David Metron mocked the United States After the humiliating removal of Liguilla del Apertura 2021.

As part of the TV Azteca team that aired the match between Atlas and Riotos, Metrono Felix conflicted with regulatory changes Done this semester Remove the remote target As a tiebreaker, it was at the behest of the United States after a 5-5 exit in the last match against Pacquiao.

“For the next championship, Mr. Martinoli, let’s see if they do not change the rules and say that the central goals at Azteca Stadium do not count.”The journalist said, but his opinion did not fit well with a historical American.

“Don’t worry, David, don’t get too big that your atlas didn’t win anything.”, Luis Roberto Alves replied “Jack”, the highest scorer in Eagles history and it will be useful for the club after the quarter-final defeat.

The United States apologized after being fired

The Effects on Coapa After being assigned against one of the biggest competitors, they will lose many jobs. With Two outings in the quarterfinals in 2021, Plus the Lost in the final against Monterrey in the Congo ChampionsEverything indicates that there will be strong changes in management and staff.

At least his own note is like that Club of America In a statement he apologized to his fans and admitted that the results were not as expected “Short and medium term sports plan will be fully explored”, Americanism demands that the heads of Santiago Banos and Santiago Solari be rolled over.

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