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“Leo, come here, I want to show you one”: DiCaprio Bezos’ girlfriend ‘beat’ and the millionaire replied


9 November 2021 04:04 GMT

The attention shown by the mogul’s girlfriend to the Hollywood star was filled with mockery of the networks about the lost war of the Amazon founder against the actor.

Following the virality of the video showing the actor inadvertently ‘winning’ his Mogul girlfriend in front of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Bezos jokingly threatened him.

You can see in the post that Amazon founder and his partner Lauren Sanchez spoke to the Hollywood star during last Saturday’s Lockma Art + Film 2021 gala – hosted by his co – founder DiCaprio – in memory of American painters Amy Sherald and himself. Kehinde Wiley, as well as Steven Spielberg. During the speech, Bezos’ girlfriend is completely fascinated by the actor and hugs him for a few seconds.

Sanchez’s focus on DiCaprio filled the networks with ridicule, where many Netizens commented that Bezos had already lost the battle against the ‘Titanic’ protagonist.

“Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend is ready to risk everything for Leonardo”, Tweeted One user, another He pointed out Sanchez has pledged $ 200,000 million. “Find someone to see you the way Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Leo DiCaprio looks”, Wrote Third.

Meanwhile another Netizen Shared Screenshot of the video, in which the Amazon founder appears to regret: “You know it’s over.”

The millionaire himself decided to threaten DiCaprio with humor in a humorous tone.

“Leo, come here, I want to show you something”, Wrote On Twitter, Bezos posts a photo leaning over a sign you can read: “Danger! Steep cliff. Deadly fall.”.

However, according to He pointed out As a user, Bezos “doesn’t have to worry” because DiCaprio usually chooses women under the age of 25 as his partners, while Sanchez is 51 years old.

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