December 1, 2022

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LeBron talks to James Lockers about Isaiah Stewart’s blow


LeBron James was sent off for the second time in the NBA for scoring by Isaiah Stewart. The Los Angeles Lakers star broke the silence and talked about the controversy.

LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart
© Getty ImagesLeBron James and Isaiah Stewart

The world NBA Lived in one of the scenes that no fan would want to see. In the game Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Lakers From LeBron James to Isaiah Stewart a pitch battle was about to begin with a blow to the face. ‘King’ It was in the eye of the hurricane because of the impact it had on the rival.

Met once The intensity of LeBron’s blow to Stewart And with James approved by the NBA, the much-anticipated word came. Bron returned to play with the Lakers and talked about the impact he had on the Pistons player in his victory over the Indiana Pacers.

LeBron did not hesitate to admit his mistake, which was shown in the first thing he did after Isaiah attacked Stewart and was kicked out of the lockers, but ‘King’ Not quiet, criticized the suspension game they gave and He explained to his rival the blow that fell on his face.

“Rob Bellinga called me. I missed your call. After checking my phone I said it was a missed call and said, ‘I know I’ve been suspended. I mean, it sucks, but whatever ”, LeBron James confirmed the suspension granted to him by the NBA.

The most anticipated word: LeBron James talks about beating Isaiah Stewart in the NBA

According to LeBron James, By an act of Isaiah Stewart, he struck Isaiah Stewart in the face and bled in his right eye. Words more, words less, ‘King’ He was accidentally expelled.

“What happened: It’s a fight to get back on the free throw line, His elbow made me lose a little balance. I slipped and tried to move his hand down The left side of my hand scanned her face. I knew right away (…) I went to apologize to him and you saw what happened after that. Of course coincidentally, I’m definitely not that kind of player. I hated to see it, it only increased after that.LeBron James explained about the success given by Isaiah Stewart.

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