December 7, 2022

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LeBron James sends a message to his partner


LeBron Contra Russell Westbrook

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are already working towards their eighteenth title Los Angeles Lakers. James posted an Instagram post that quickly went viral, showing photos of him training with Westbrook and Lockers assistant Bill Handy. In addition to re-posting photos of the new Lakers players, James broke his silence on the mega trade by throwing darts at those who questioned whether the two stars could play together.

“I work with my brother!” James mentioned on Instagram. “I agree, I do not think it will work for @ russwest44 [Phil Handy] You are different @ thereal94feetofgame. Gra @graydientvisuals. “

The Lakers were able to make a big trade on the draft night by trading Kyle Kuzma, Montreal Harrell, Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope and Westbrook for the 22nd election. Re-created an entirely new list centered on James and Anthony Davis.

The new Lakers list includes James, Westbrook, Davis, Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony who have served as All-Star players several times during their careers. Westbrook responded quickly to James on Instagram with a subtle hint of what Los Angeles would look like.

“You know what we’m going to do, brother !!!” Westbrook replied.

Able to play with Russ and LeBron: “My job is to make sure his game is easy”

Westbrook has also heard critics say the Lakers’ new point guard and ability to live with James. During his inaugural press conference, Westbrook emphasized that his goal was to make James’ life easier.

“LeBron is one of the best players to ever play the game. His ability to do everything on the ground, allows me to transform.” Westbrook noted, according to USA Today. “I’m coming to the nominee team for the title. My job is to make sure he makes his game easier. I’ll find ways to do that during the game. When it comes to the ball and all that, it’s not a bar. I’ll do it. I’ll find out how to do it. “

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LeBron enters his 19th season: “I’m as excited as the first year”

James was particularly clear that he was a fan of the Lakers’ moves, especially with the acquisition of Westbrook. Following the Lakers’ elimination in the first round of the playoffs, James noted that his biggest regret about the season was that the team was not entirely healthy.

But the Lockers wanted to completely change the list rather than make small changes during the off-season. At the start of the new season James made an extra post to let everyone know he is healthy.

“Season 19 is around the corner!” Posted by James on Instagram. “I’m excited like this first! I can not wait to get started! LeBron is ready for the 19th pitch! LOL. # ThekidfromAkron🤴🏾 # Washed👑 📸 raygraydientvisuals”

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