November 28, 2022

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LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers face sports crisis after new defeat in NBA 2021


As he Ray Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook called on fans not to panic after a three-over extra time with the Sacramento Kings after the fall.

LeBron James against the brand of Buddy Hield
© Juan Ocampo / Getty ImagesLeBron James against the brand of Buddy Hield

After an epic victory, overtime, against Indiana crack bowlers, When returned after being suspended from LeBron James, When returning to the still Staples Center, Los Angeles Lakers Fell in triple over time against Sacramento Kings By 137-141.

As a result of this decision, the ownership of gold and purple fell to seventh place in the Western Conference. 10 wins, 11 defeats, And if regular season NBA Today, I will argue Play-in Qualifying round, to a playoff spot.

Whatever it is, clearly it is one The big game crisis, At the Lakers they call their fans to be quiet, and it was LeBron who self-criticized his performance. “I want to be good, I want to be I personally played a scary game and I take charge first. I need to measure, More to the situation we are in “.

The Los Angeles Lakers are officially in crisis

One of the stars who returned to play after overcoming the flu Anthony Davis, Who made a public appeal saying that We are the Lakers, every team we face will be a great effort, all teams will beat us, other teams will grow. We are lockers We have a well-armed team that can win 10, 12, 15 games in a row. We can do that and We have to engage with the defensive side.

On the other hand, basic Russell Westbrook Said the Lockers after the defeat We are very frustrated. There is certainly a sense of urgency to get results, but at the same time we understand suffering. One of the things I adhere to is not to panic, despite the tough times. It does not matter what people say about our wardrobe or the way we play.

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