July 6, 2022

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Latest on Kyrie Irving, Nets

Latest on Kyrie Irving, Nets

The Networks It encounters a balancing process while trying to re-sign or extend Keri IrvingToday, Adrian Wojnarowski said during a TV appearance On SportsCenter as well In an inside story only for ESPN.com.

As Wojnarowski explains, the Nets want to remain disciplined in their contract discussions with Irving, preferring to negotiate a short-term deal rather than a long-term contract, in large part due to Star Guard availability issues in recent years. Jake Fisher of Bleacher Report reported something similar Earlier in the week.

However, the team also doesn’t want to risk “kicking” the star forward Kevin Durant, who is close to Irving and might become frustrated with his situation in Brooklyn if he leaves his best friend on free agency. Wojnarowski says teams are rooting for Irving to leave the Nets because they feel he could open the door for them to go after Durant.

While Durant hasn’t shown any signs of frustration with his situation, Wojnarowski hears from sources that the gossip from customers and rival players about KD’s desire to speak to the Free agents hasn’t been around so far this summer as it has in past seasons. Sources also point out to ESPN that the drama surrounding Irving made it more difficult for the Nets to prosecute and retain players.

Brian Lewis from The New York Post Confirming that the length of Irving’s new deal appears to be more of a sticking point than salary, he writes that both sides are trying to find a “happy broker.”

According to Wojnarowski, getting a deal is “everyone’s preference,” including the Nets, Irving and Durant, and Lewis says most people across the league still think a return to Brooklyn is the most likely outcome for Kerry. It’s just a matter of finding common ground between the Nets and the All-Star seven times in contract talks.

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