Late Stone Temple Pilots Stink It Up In Abbotsford

Stone Temple Pilots
Photo by David Lai

Stone Temple Pilots

Abbotsford Ent. & Sports Ctr.
Abbotsford, BC
Abbotsford was supposed to be in for a treat as hard rockers Stone Temple Pilots planned to perform at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre tonight in a rare hard rock show for the small BC city. But for many, a more than two hour wait to hit the stage would be too long.
Arriving early at the venue isn't a typical thing, but tonight it was worthwhile as Vancouver symphonic rockers Celestial Ruin rocked the Rockstar Weekly Showcase Stage. The band patiently awaited their cue and kicked off the set with "From Beneath" from their debut album The Awakening. The band also played great covers of Europe's "The Final Countdown", Eveneseance's "Going Under" and The Cranberries "Zombie", mixed with 11 of their own songs mostly from "The Awakening". This is a band that shows a ton of potential and has a vibe with their audience, thanks to kick ass singer Larissa Dawn. Their music has a wide appeal and with some help I think they can really go places.
The AESC opened its doors as The Crash Kings were getting ready for their set. The LA rockers would play a crowd pleasing set with songs like You Got Me and Mountain Man with its catchy beat and high energy. The band had some fun with their song It's Only Wednesday, as the crowd shouted back "It's Monday!!". They are a great group who exume an incredible amount of talent. The standout track was 14 Arms, which would show their overall musicainship as the song changed tempos throughout.
So the time had come for the band that all in attendance were there for – but that time came and went and eventually stepped a little too far into Guns N' Roses delay times. By 10 pm the crowd had grown in their noise and whistles. Chants for the group started in sections of the arena and quickly turned to one massive BOO. At 10:15, the others around me had grown tired of waiting and started to leave. About 15 people had already left prior to my friend and I leaving the venue. It would have been nice for the tour company or the venue to make an announcement, but with nothing from either, fans either left or got restless. We left.
Later than night I heard the band hit the stage at 10:55 with no mic or instrument checks. The people that remained had mentioned on their tweets and STP's Facebook page that they sounded bad. The band gave no apology or no reason for the delay and slopped their way though a typical set list.
I have been an STP fan since hearing Sex Type Thing in 1992,  so to say I was dissapointed is an understatement – I feel sorry for the people that paid good money to see this show and were unable to stay for the band they all came to see. In all my years I have never seen such unproffesionalism from a band. The band nor the AESC gave any refunds, any excuse or any entertainment for the dollar tonight. Instead of being a Big Bang Baby, STP was more of a Big Empty.
Hollywood Bitch 
Hickory Dichotomy 
Still Remains 
Big Empty 
Between the Lines 
Interstate Love Song 
Tumble in the Rough 
Big Bang Baby
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart 
Encore: Sex Type Thing