December 10, 2022

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Lando Norris considers the intrigue of Seko Perez to be “stupid”

Lando thinks Seko made a mistake and that he deserves to be punished for it

English pilot Lando described Norris as “stupid”, a maneuver by Sergio Seco Perez, who went on the run for second place on the fourth in his lap And affecting Mexican life, while the McLaren member suffered a five-second sentence.

“He tried to get out, This is a kind of stupidity. Then he himself deviated from the path. I did not push him out of the way, so it frustrates me (the punishment), ”he said.

Despite this situation The young rider climbed the stage in third place and showed his delight. “However, I am happy in third place. We were so fast today. “

Lando talked about a five-second penalty for working in the pits, which prevented him from fighting for second place with Valteri Botas, who took that position in the Red Bull Ring.

“He can hold up well (potas) even in dirty air. However, getting into the DRS is not enough. As soon as I got a second behind, I started fighting,” he said.

With this, The walking team is considered to have the ability to compete with the leading teams, Mercedes and Red Bull. Leading the World Championship of Builders.

“It’s good to know that we can be sidelined and compete with them. This may be the first race in the years that we have driven alone with Mercedes and Red Bull. We hope we can continue like this,” he concluded.

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Norris, for the second week in a row, became the ‘tough nut burst’ for Seco Perez. In Styrian GP, ​​the young British defense contributed to the fact that the Mexican could not go to Mercedes in the first place. Now, from the start, the Guadalajara competition has been much compromised after another maneuver against Lando Norris, the only driver included in all races of 2021.