December 7, 2022

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Laborda talks about Messi’s departure and is surprised by his confession; And retaliates for Koman’s attacks


Joan LabordaChairman BarcelonaHas been interviewed Barca TV There he touched on different points, but had a very attractive theme Leo Messi And its release.

The supreme leader of Azul Granas assures that to this day he has not regretted revealing the legend. Barcelona.

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“It’s the saddest decision of all if I take it into account, I do not want to take it, but I do not regret it,” he admitted.

“I put the company above all else, it’s above the coaches and the best player in football history,” he added. Laborda Without dripping words.

“For the hereditary situation, no matter how much we wanted to, there was a reality and we clashed with it,” he says. Laborda.

President of Barcelona He revealed that Messi’s departure was the beginning of a new cycle with many young people. “It simply came to our notice then. But those of us who like Barca We know the story goes, and if you work hard and make good decisions, you can safely return to the path of success. “

Koman’s attacks

Ronald Common Threw some darts LabordaWho removed him Barcelona For bad results.

“I was not a coach Laborda. I had that feeling from the first moment I didn’t click after the election. Not the support needed from above. The main thing is I have no money. I really wanted to succeed as a coach at Barcelona, ​​I wanted to do everything I could, but I realized that Laborda wanted to get rid of me because I was not appointed by him, “he said. Koman.

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Laborda Xavi told me a thousand times that he would not be his coach because of his lack of experience. ” Ronald Common.

Controversial reports have been given Koman, Laborda He responded, “At the end of the season I had my doubts about Coman, and I told him that he wanted to continue.

“Time puts you in your place, you see things you have never seen before. For your respect for the Commonwealth, you also respect the Copa del Rey. At one point we saw that we were not doing well and had to make another painful decision. I have peace of mind for showing respect to the people and prioritizing the interests of the club. He added.

Laborda He answered without hesitation the question of whether that would have changed Koman Looking at the end of this stage: “Yes, I would have done it. I had to listen to my intuition. Although in life you can not be guided by intuition, the football world belongs to emotions, but there is respect, Barcelona fans, you have to take into account many circumstances. You decide, the right decision No. On the other hand there is always circumstance.

Finally, it is good that Labord has put an end to the controversy. “I want to remember him as Wembley’s hero, I was there, with that goal in the 111th minute. I can say what he wanted now, but I will always remember him for the Wembley goal. He also had the courage to keep the youth. Hope it goes away.

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