September 30, 2022

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La Casa de los Formosos live telemundo online transmission

Check out the popular house at Telemundo Live. The reality show promises to captivate audiences in the United States, Mexico and all Latin America. In the new Telemundo show, sixteen entertainers have to live together, without contact with the outside world, and do everything that TV viewers cannot remove. Conflicts and love are also expected in advance: “Anything can and will happen.”

Only one of these celebrities can win the $ 200,000 prize offered by a reality show. Kelvin Renteria, who competed in Exotlon USA, is the last confirmed name on the list, which includes names like soap opera star Gabriela Spanique; Celia Lora, influence and daughter of Alex Lora; And Peruvian singer, dancer and model Stephanie ‘Debbie’ Valencula. In this note we tell all the details Home of celebrities So you don’t miss anything.

Stephanie Valenzuela will return to television with this new show. Photo: Instagram

When was The House of the Famous premiere?

The famous house opens this Tuesday, August 24 At 7:00 pm (Eastern Time) and 6:00 pm (Central Time) USA. In Latin America, the hours are as follows:

  • Peru: 6.00 pm
  • Mexico: 6.00pm
  • Guatemala: 5.00 pm
  • Colombia: 6.00pm
  • Ecuador: 6.00 pm
  • Puerto Rico: 7.00pm
  • Venezuela: 7.00pm
  • Bolivia: 7.00 pm
  • Paraguay: 7.00 pm
  • Chile: 7.00 pm
  • Argentina: 8.00pm
  • Uruguay: 8.00pm

Celebrity House Teaser

What is the reality show of La Casa de los celebrities?

Among the La Casa de las celebrities, 16 entertainment personalities have to live together in one house without contact with the internet or the outside world, and are viewed by cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have to follow a series of rules and face various challenges and games. The public will have the opportunity to eliminate rivals by their vote, for which they can devise all sorts of strategies and alliances.

All rooms in the building are equipped with 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones so that none of the competitors’ plans are hidden from public view. Eventually, only one of them will survive and receive a $ 200,000 prize.

How are the La Casa de los celebrities?

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Where to see the famous house?

The famous house will broadcast daily shows from Monday to Friday through Telemundo Signal. Likewise, live coverage of the reality show’s events is available 24 hours a day on the channel’s website without censorship.

How to watch Telemundo live?

Telemundo Signal is available in Peru and Latin America and various pay TV operators in the United States. You need to rent a package that includes it in the list of channels. If this is not the case then maybe you need to ask your operator. In the last mentioned country you can find it in different places in the open signal channels affiliated with it.

  • Mexico: 214 (SD) and 1226 (HD) Sky, 205 IC, 214 (SD) and 1214 (HD) Mega Cable, 223 Star TV
  • Guatemala: 214 (SD) and 1226 (HD) on Sky, 216 (SD) and 1116 (HD) on Cleo TV
  • Venezuela: 231 on Simple TV, 381 on Movistar TV, 28 on Inter, 318 on Inter Satellite
  • Colombia: 231 on DirectTV, 446 (SD) and 1446 (HD) on Chloro TV, 446 (satellite) on Chloro TV, 381 on Moviestar TV, 160 (SD) and 367 on HD (HD).
  • Ecuador: 231 on DirectTV, 260 (SD) and 760 (HD) on Chloro TV, 618 on Group TV TV, 157 on CNT TV
  • Peru: 20 Movistar TV (cable), 112 Movistar TV (satellite), 231 DirecTV, 112 Claro TV, 18 Star Star Globalcom, 20 (SD) and 33.2 (HD) cable vision
  • Bolivia: 624 (SD) and 776 (HD) in Diego, 413 in Quotas, 318 in Intercodal, 103 in Entel
  • Paraguay: 72 on Claro TV, 54 on Diego Star, 202 on Diego (satellite)
  • Uruguay: 231 in Directive, 309 in Montecab, 344 in DCC
  • Argentina: 231 in DirectTV, 331 in Cablevision (digital / HD), 99 in Antenna, 308 in Telecentro (digital) and 1081 (HD)
  • Chile: 231 on DirectTV, 209 (SD, Santiago) and 809 (HD) on VTR, 381 on Movistar TV, 145 (on SD) and 645 (on HD), 645 (on HD), 381 on TuVes HD (satellite), 149 on Entel TV. In HD.

You can also watch the 24 hour live broadcast of La Casa de las celebrities at the following address:

Who will lead the famous house?

Will be responsible for running the House of Famous Hector Chandarthi And Jimina Galego.

Hector Chanderti and Jimina Coleco are the hosts of La Casa de las celebrities. Photo: Organization / Instagram

Who are the contestants in the House of Celebrities?

These are the 16 confirmed participants in The House of Fame:

  • Stephanie Valencula
  • Celia Lora
  • Pablo Montero
  • Anahi Isali
  • Christian Estrada
  • Kimberly Flores
  • Kelvin Renteria
  • George Aravena
  • Daniel Vargas
  • Gisella Abumrat
  • Veronica Montes
  • Gabriela Spanish
  • Christian de la Campa
  • Uriel del Toro
  • Roberto Romano
  • Christina Eustace.

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