December 7, 2022

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Kun Azero was devastated in Barcelona; His photo is going viral

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It’s been a week since the bomb exploded, it seemed Lionel Messi I will not continue inside Barcelona, Leaving thousands of broken hearts, but no one Kun AguirreI signed with him those weeks ago Catalan Club Looking forward to meeting his best friend.

Since then, he has been the target of forward memes and jokes, because in his recent public appearances, his face is far from happy. Low and serious face, both in training, talking to Ronald Coman and now in official photos.

Via Social media Some videos of the players’ personal sessions were released Cooles, Where it was learned Omen Will use # 19. In one scene, Argentina is seen photographing with a flared look, which was a trend Website And accidentally increased rumors of not being happy Spain.

Although his context denies any version When You want to leave Barcelona as soon as it is confirmed Messi Will play in PSG, Fans and magazines are beginning to emphasize the tragedy that is being reflected Sergio In Blackrana Group.

Over, Paris Saint-Germain Released 4 consecutive pictures of Lionel Messi Engel de Maria, Leandro Paradis Y Morro Icardi, Left alone increased the charges against the attacker Catalonia.

Almost 3 months

Introduced When With Barcelona He had to wait until at least October, after which he was confirmed to continue with the ailments he had acquired this week Manchester Due to the inner calf ligament injury of the right leg.

Due to this circumstance, the scorer is not yet registered as a player Barcelona, As Memphis Debay and Eric GarciaIn the case of the latter 2, they hope to do so on Saturday, the last day before their debut in the league. The real community Next Sunday.

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