KISS Keep Saskatoon Lovin’ It Loud


KISSWell everybody I did it. I got to see my first KISS concert and I was pleasantly surprised! It was the best night I’ve had in a long time. With Buckcherry kicking off the night, they belted out their best songs such as Talk To Me, Sorry, Crazy Bitch and they sounded fantastic! I wish they could have stayed out on stage a little longer but we know all good things must come to an end to allow even better ones to arise.

And that they did…

In a cloud of smoke they appeared…“The Best of the Best”. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer! Once they got on stage there was no stopping them and they didn’t act like they were the 57, 60, 49 and 51 year olds that they are. They immediately had the sold out Credit Union Centre cheering and singing to every song they sang from Deuce, Say Yeah to Rock and Roll all Nite and ending with a four song encore. It was a action packed show with Gene flying up to the stage lights at the top of the arena to sing, spitting blood and breathing fire with a serpent like tongue, like the true character of the Demon. Paul rose to Superstar status once again with his voice and dance moves and flying over top of the crowd. The Spaceman played a mean guitar that was out of this world and the Catman played the drums and sang so great that it was the cat’s meow! It was "Hotter than Hell" in the Credit Union Centre with the talents of Kiss combined with the pyrotechnics show they kept the fans Rock and Rolling all Nite long!

I only Hope it won’t be a "100,000 Years" before the boys come back to Saskatoon SK. Keep "Lovin’ it Loud"

KISS / Buckcherry
November 10, 2009
Credit Union Centre
Saskatoon, SK

Fan review by Andrea Greenwood
Photo by Dan Savoie

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